Latest arrivals...175 Diesel Engines and Scorpian 8Kva Generator for SALE

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Latest arrivals...175 Diesel Engines and Scorpian 8Kva Generator for SALE

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175 units for SALE
Perkins 4-108 Diesel Engine
Type: In-line 4-cylinder diesel.
Maximum Horsepower: 51 @ 4000 RPM.
This 51 horsepower 4-cylinder diesel gives you reliable, durable and safe performance with compact size and low weight. A rotary distributor-type fuel-injection system provides even fuel feed for smooth performance.

An automatic advance and retard mechanism ensures fast starts and quick acceleration throughout the speed range. And the Perkins "H" pre-combustion system means clean burning, top fuel economy.

Perkins 4108 diesels are designed for smooth, vibration free running and are also designed for dependability with features like a closed freshwater cooling system to minimize corrosion.

The 4.108 is an auxiliary engine that provides plenty of clean, economical power when you need it and it doesn't get in your way when you don't.

Used as Challenger GPU (Auxilliary Power Units)
Complete with all electrics
Ideal for marine, generator or industrial applications
All boxed direct from MOD.

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and Scorpian 8Kva Single Phase Generator 16hrs use only for sale

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As of mid-March 2022 we no longer offer for sale or have anything to do with ex-military vehicles from the UK.

We offer you new civilian variants from the manufacturer's factory, at special prices with full service and warranty anywhere in the world.

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