2022-06-06 | How to avoid the derailment of the crawler chain

How to avoid the derailment of the crawler chain
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How to avoid the derailment of the crawler chain of the rotary drilling rig?

For rig operators, track de-chaining is a frequent problem. For drilling rigs, occasional disconnection is unavoidable, because the working environment is relatively harsh, and the crawler tracks enter soil or stones will lead to disconnection.

If the rig is often off-chain, it is necessary to find the cause, because the off-chain of the rig can easily lead to accidents.
So what are the reasons for the rig off-chain?

Today we will briefly talk about the common reasons for off-chain.

In fact, there are many reasons for the rig to go off the chain. In addition to impurities such as dirt or stones that can cause the rig to go off the chain, there are also faults in the walking ring gear, sprocket, chain protector, etc., which can lead to the off-chain. In addition, improper operation can also lead to the off-chain of the drilling rig.

1. The failure of the tensioning cylinder leads to off-chain. At this time, you should check whether the tensioning cylinder forgot to apply butter, and see if there is oil leakage in the tensioning cylinder.

2. The off-chain caused by the serious wear of the crawler. If the track is used for a long time, the track will definitely be worn out, and the wear of the chain rib, chain drum and other components on the track will also cause the track to come off the chain.

3. The chain guard is worn out due to wear and tear. Now almost all drilling rigs have chain guards on their tracks, and chain guards can play a very important role in preventing chain off, so it is also important to check whether the chain guards are worn.

4. De-chaining caused by wear of the drive motor ring gear. For the drive motor ring gear, if it is seriously worn, we need to replace it, which is also an important reason for the rig off-chain.

5. Off-chain caused by damage to the chain roller. Under normal circumstances, oil leakage from the carrier roller oil seal will cause serious wear of the carrier roller, which will lead to the track off-chain.

6. Off-chain caused by damage to the guide wheel. When checking the guide wheel, check whether the screws on the guide wheel are missing or broken. Is the slot of the card guide wheel deformed?

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