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Year of Manufacture: 2022
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Description Crawler Reverse Circulation drill Rig HF-400L

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NEW Crawler HF-400L Reverse Circulation drilling Rig (Big Diameter)
Drill Diameter: 500-3000mm
Drill Depth: 400m
Rated Power: 150Kw

1. The rig adopts engineering crawler, hydraulic walking chassis, easy to move, more suitable for plain, plateau, hilly and other land forms. The chassis has four legs, and the drilling machine has small vibration and good stability during drilling.

2. Reverse circulation drilling rig is multi-functional, all key components are cost-effective products, and the system is equipped with pressure protection and alarm device.

3. the reverse circulation drilling rig has the actuators , the instrument is on the operation table, the operation is convenient and reliable.

4.The reverse circulation drilling rig adopts a unique drill frame, which has large drilling process, large anti-torsion capability, simple structure, convenient maintenance, easy relocation, convenient operation of the orifice, and construction of large top angle drilling.

All machines have passed the EU CE, France TUV, ISO quality certification.
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The specification of the Crawler Reverse Circulation drill Rig HF-400L

Model HF400L
Drilling depth(m) ≤400
Drilling diameter(mm) 500-3000
Spindle speed(r/min) 5-22
Spindle power(kw) 11×2
Spindle torque (N-m) 36000
Hoisting ability (single strength) 8000kg×6
Mud pump
Flow(m³/h) 680
Power(kw) 55
Generator set
Rated voltage 380V
Rated current 110A
Rated speed 1500r/min
Rated power 150kw
Main machine power 6105 diesel engine
Overall contour (L*W*H)(mm) 9200×2500×3500
Single weight(kg) 26000

The advantages of the Crawler Reverse Circulation drill Rig HF-400L

The combination of our R&D and innovation centres together with a very high manufacturing capacity due to the most modern machines and equipment, efficient production lines and low manufacturing costs allows us to provide our customers with Big Diameter Drill Rig at a lower price than the most popular brands, but with the same quality and reliability.
We are working in conglomeration with the world's biggest brands.
All products are internationally tested and have international quality certificates.

That's why our customers get the most innovative and reliable machinery at the lowest possible price.

Customization: Available
Here are the key specifications for this product model.
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Mileage Hrs/Kms: 0
Year of Manufacture: 2022
The price: P.O.A.

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